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Dan is just straight up a great instructor.

During the "in class" portion of the program he takes the mundane information from the sgi manual and manages to relay it in an understandable, and practical way. He often tells stories from his many years of being a professional driver, but they always served a purpose in helping to better your own truck driving skills.

In the truck, Dan got me shifting and thinking in a different manner. He drove home the importance of progressive shifting and how that will bring up my fuel economy and save me from mechanical issues in the long run. He stressed a number of times that he wants to train people to be good operators, not just steering wheel holders.

Dan's wife Lori also provided some amazing home cooked lunches during our training which i was not expecting! My favorite was the pork chops with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and HOMEMADE apple sauce!! Could not believe it!

Overall, a great experience. I highly recommend training with Dan at Overdrive!!

Spencer M

Overdrive Truck Driver Training is a top notch school and its owner Dan Budd makes the training experience thoroughly enjoyable.

Dan has vast experience training, trucking and operating a trucking business. Dan who grew up on a farm understands farmers in particular and offers the flexibility we sometimes need in his courses. I ,as a farmer owning semi trucks, was particularly interested in the maintenance and repair of air brake systems as well as power trains. In this area Dan has vast hands on experience and was only too happy to answer all my questions and show me what to do. I felt this was really a huge added bonus to the mandatory training. I also really enjoyed his sense of humour and his anecdotes which made the time pass quickly.

Dan and his wife Lori as well as the rest of his family make you feel very welcome and create a very pleasant atmosphere for everyone. I would give them and Overdrive Truck Driver Training my highest recommendations for a thorough and enjoyable training experience.

Terry B

I came to Dan as a retired person having background experience in being Farmer’s wife and a co-owner of a trucking business. I wanted to be able to drive with my husband and I needed my class 1A. Dan never hesitated to encourage me to reach my goal and quickly offered to train me. Training with Dan Budd was so much more than learning the facts Of driving and the knowledge of equipment. It was like a live textbook combined with experience in every chapter. ... From understanding the equipment with his personal audio explanation of it’s working components to the Hands on learning how to handle it from his many years of various experiences, Dan always had time to explain and go the extra mile to accommodate. He made you feel like you were capable of the task and made you feel worthy of the goal.
“He believed in me” and shared My joy of success. Dan is a great teacher.

Hazel W

Thanks so much to Dan at Overdrive Truck driver Training for training me and helping me get my class 1. I found the training to be very thorough with a encouraging and positive environment. All my questions were answered readily in a way that was very easy to understand. Money well spent that prepared me and set me up properly to pass my exams.

Jesse R

Renewed SK class1A in 2008 . Excellent training and excellent staff. Quality and employ-ability is a priority.

Kelly T

I would 100% recommend Overdrive. Dan is awesome, patient, hardworking, kind, friendly, and a wonderful teacher! He trained me on b-trains and 53feet van. Where another training school only have 53 feet trailers. The b-trains are a great Asset to Overdrive. When you finish the courses with him, you’ll be a safe truck driver, no matter what your background knowledge or information is! I would like to appreciate Lori, Dan’s wife, for the great homemade lunches she made for us every day! Which I was not expecting at all.

Bonnie T

100% recommend nowhere else that is better than this place Dan has treated everybody well and fair. Appreciated every moment that he help me and taught me no one and would ever done better than him. Definitely will have my future business.

Jordan R

I would 100% recommend Overdrive to anyone who’s looking for a great place to learn truck driving! Dan, the instructor, is awesome, patient, hardworking, kind, friendly, and a wonderful teacher! When you finish the courses with him, you’ll be a safe truck driver, no matter what your background knowledge or information is!

Moreover, I would like to appreciate Lori, Dan’s wife, for the great lunches she gave us every day!

Houshang M

Awesome place to get training. I cannot recommend them enough!

William M

This was a great place to get my 3A licence, I made an awesome decision to come here and meet Dan, one the most genuine guys you will ever meet and at lunch time his wife would make us great food, these are good people. Know I had never driven a semi truck and in one week Dan made me a good driver, I got my air breaks, I got my inspection done the first day we went for my test I passed, but my driven I messed up, I had to do it a few more times after that and I felt like I wanted to quit and do it in an auto trans instead of the manual trans, but Dan didn't let me, he said I could do it and he believed in me and finally I got it. THANKS DAN.

John H

I would 100% recommend to anyone who’s looking to learn how to drive truck to train with Dan. Dan is a smart, kind, patient, and very skilled experienced driver who also is gifted in teaching. No matter what your background may be, Dan will be able to adapt to each individual and give you the necessary tools to pass your test and most importantly tips that will keep you safe once you get your license.

Dean M

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