Class 3A


Duration: 1 Week

Class 3 vehicles are trucks with more than two axels (except three and four axel farm trucks). Class 3 vehicles can only tow trailers, when the trailer and load weighs less than 4600 kg (10 000 lbs).
We are proud to offer the Class 3A program to students at our headquarters in Saskatoon.

About Class 3A

This course provides primarily an in-truck, hands on approach to training.

One of the biggest things that many people learn is how to properly a shift a non-synchronized manual transmission. Of course, there are some technical rules of the road that may need some review.

This class is 40 hours:

  • 4 hours in class
  • 5 hours of training earmarked for learning/practising circle checks and the practical air test
  • 15 hours of practical training behind the steering wheel
  • 16 hours of observation, practise and honing of necessary skills.

The use of one of our trucks for the road test is included in the course.


  • Graduated class 5 drivers licence
  • Current drivers medical
  • SGI written 3A learners exam

Additional training


In some cases it may be advantageous to take more training:

  • As a pre course familiarization week
  • As post course time, in order to meet competency requirements or to increase your comfort level as a driver
  • After licensing, as a re-fresher course.

Payments & Financing

We offer a range of methods for students to pay for courses. 

We also have more information available regarding financing and financial assistance.

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