Class 1A (MELT)


Duration: 4 - 5 Weeks

Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) is now required for all new class 1 drivers. Class 1 vehicles are classified as trucks towing trailers exceeding 4600 kg (10 000 lbs). This also includes power units and semi-trailers.
We are proud to offer the Class 1A (MELT) program to students at our headquarters in Saskatoon.

About Class 1A (MELT)

At Overdrive we implement numerous elements to our class 1 program that exceed the MELT criteria, including:

  • Vehicle maintenance training
  • Super-bee road and backing experience
  • Loaded city-to-city highway trips

There are 6 days in-class time where we cover 11 modules:

  • 18 to 20 hours in yard
  • 12 hour of backing
  • 6 hours of coupling/un-coupling
  • 39-44 hours of driving

We teach safety in and around the truck. We evaluate the starting skills and understanding of each student. Upon this, we add pertinent knowledge and insight into the working, basic maintenance, driving and maneuvering of the truck and trailers. Overdrive provides the necessary time needed to learn and practice the circle check (pre-trip) inspection, coupling and un-coupling and backing of the unit. There is also a daily review and run through of the air test procedure.


  • Graduated class 5 drivers licence
  • Current drivers medical
  • SGI written 1A learners exam

Additional training


In some cases it may be advantageous to take more training:

  • As a pre course familiarization week
  • As post course time, in order to meet competency requirements or to increase your comfort level as a driver
  • After licensing, as a re-fresher course.

Payments & Financing

We offer a range of methods for students to pay for courses. 

We also have more information available regarding financing and financial assistance.

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