Overdrive is a small but very professional training school with a family feel. We take special interest in each individual student and are determined to see all of our students succeed in every one of their driving endeavours.

Often, we find this vested interest leads to long term friendships. We are committed to do more than just teach the bare minimum. Overdrive strives to be the very best that we can be. In order to create a strong community, we love to support local businesses and share information about some of our favorite suppliers. This then, can serve as a resource for many who are just getting started working with and around trucks. It gives a boost to those business owners who also care about customer service.

Overdrive has strong ties within the farming community. We enjoy preparing men and women to be the very best drivers they can be, whether driving locally or long distance, off-road, oil patch, or on the farm.




Dan is a 30 year plus driver with a lot of “over the road” and “off road” experience. His natural love for teaching, mechanical aptitude and patience are just some of the qualities that make Dan such a great lead instructor.


Kevin is a great asset to the Overdrive team. He is committed to educating students with the wisdom, knowledge, and experience he has accumulated after more than two decades of driving experience. He helps ensure that our students become safe and proficient Class 1 drivers.


Lori’s hospitality creates a warm and friendly environment as she supports in the area of administration and in many other ways contributes to the overall efficiency of the school.


Our 6000sq foot heated shop has ample space in which to learn about the mechanical aspects of the truck and trailer.

It is also where you will find some of our training equipment such as a functioning axel and a working air break board to facilitate hands on learning.

Whether we are taking the time to look into a specific mechanical aspect or just spending time becoming more familiar with the trucks and equipment, the heated shop is certainly an added bonus space in which to do the circle check and air test inside, out of the inclement weather that Saskatchewan is often blessed with.
Our classroom is only steps away from the shop. The classroom is large and airy with plenty of natural light. There is ample space for the usual classroom décor, at the same time it also lends itself to interaction between the students themselves and interaction with the instructor. The big screen TV is large enough to be viewed by all the students while still allowing everyone to be comfortably seated throughout the room.

The large yard in which the training school is situated, offers a place where various different maneuvering exercises can be performed. Some of the tasks performed in the yard include coupling and un-coupling and off set and 90 degree backing exercises.

At Overdrive Truck Driver Training we are committed to continue to build and improve on the already great facility in order to make your learning experience productive and enjoyable.

Overdrive Truck Driver Training

We're a Saskatoon-based truck driving school that's proud to have welcomed students from towns and cities all across Saskatchewan, including: